How to Change the future…


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You may have noticed or are aware that I post  a lot of Information that I have discovered from a global group called Access Consciousness®  below is another contribution from another infinite being yes that is what we truly be Infinite and expansive energy .please see link 
Do you have infinite choices or are you locked down with the old I stuck between a rock and a hard place. So how is your life working for you with the limited choices you’re creating

See what a new point of view can do for you
Ask yourself  What else is possible and expand your awareness in what shows up
All of life comes to me with ease joy and glory

appreciate all you be Randy

How to Change the future….


Hello world!

Welcome to the expression of expansion to a greater possibility from this reality. You may ask what reality? Do you live on another planet ?
Well may I share that our points of view create our reality ,reality doesn’t create our points of view. I will expand on this more for now will pick up on this
at a future time  Thank you